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Garlic Harvest 2015

chinook The 2015 Garlic harvest started July 1 — fitting activity for a boiling hot Canada Day. First I harvested the Turban type Chinook and the Creole type Rose de Lautrec from the raised beds on the patio.  Both had nice big bulbs but the Rose will take some drying and cleaning up to show off its pretty pink skins. The Chinook on the other hand (as you can see by the main picture) it out there proudly red. These varietals won’t be for sale this year as we are using all of the bulbs for next years crop. July 2 brought the harvest of the German Red. A row an a half of planting equalled on large wheelbarrow full of garlic bulbs. Many large and small, German Red is a Rocambole that is hotter tasting than others of its type and cooked has a strong garlic flavour. A little goes a long way with this variety.


So, now we have our website starting to look useable.  It will be a short time before we have all the information fleshed out, but, it’s coming.  Other than working on a website, it’s a very busy time of year.  We have just finished cutting the garlic scapes, we have new queens in mating nucs, and the new permanent farm gate stand is under construction. Lots happening.