Luxury Avenue’s Freyja of Rozehaven

Freyja med image grp 3 BPIG Feb 2020VKC_4546 2Freya Grp 4 TBB 2020

Bred by Sarah Green of  Luxury Bull Terriers, Wisconsin USA, Freyja is a lovely bitch out of  Eos Tanagros and Critical Point kennel lines. Both sire and dam sides of her pedigree lead back to Teirwgwyn Paper Gangsta at Bullyview.

We started showing her as a baby puppy and she has always demonstrated the energy and humour of a bullie.  As we live in a part of Canada with very little breed competition, she has had to earn her points at the group level. To date she has achieved a Group 3 and Best Puppy in group under Pat Hastings, a Group 4 and Best Puppy under Tabitha Buckley-Bettis, and a Best Puppy in Group under Harto Stockmani – currently giving her 5 points towards her CKC Championship. Once shows begin again, we plan on showing her extensively.

Freyja AKC Pedigree29042020

Health Tests – OFA Registered

Laryngeal Paralysis — Clear

Lethal Acrodermatitis (LAD) Clear

Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) – Clear

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) – Genes Normal

Hemophilia B (HMB) – Clear

Cerebellar Ataxia (NCL-A) – Normal

Kidneys — Normal

Freyja on pod 2019IMG_1505IMG_1853