Honey Varieties

Wildflower wildflower Wildflower honey is that which is produced at a time and place where the bees have access to a wide variety of different blooms, and no one flower is the predominant nectar source for the honey included in the harvest.  The majority of the wildflower harvest comes from hives kept on stands between the garlic patches and apple trees here on the farm.  Wildflower honey is available in 250 and 454g bottles, as well as 2 and 5 liter buckets. Raspberry Raspberry Our raspberry honey is produced by placing hives at the Ocean Grove Berry Farm at the start of the bloom period.  Raspberries are a preferred nectar source for the bees, so during this bloom period they will tend to focus on gathering nectar from the raspberry flowers, ignoring any other incidental blooms in the area at the time.  Raspberry honey is amber in color with a rich and distinct flavour profile.  Raspberry honey is available in 454g bottles. Fireweed IMG_0197 As the name implies, fireweed is indeed a weed.  Historically the name came about because it was the first plant to take strong hold in an area after a forest fire.  The fireweed is also known to take strong hold in an area that has been recently logged, and here on Vancouver Island there is no shortage of areas that have been recently logged.  To produce fireweed honey, we move the bees into an area of recent logging activity at the beginning of the bloom cycle for this weed.  The fireweed honey is light in color and considered to be sweeter than a typical wildflower mix.  Firweed honey is available in 250 and 454g bottles as well as 2 and 5 liter buckets. Maple Honey A highly sought after, and relatively rare variety, Maple Honey is only available in years where mother nature co-operates and provides us with weather warm enough for the honeybees to collect a significant amount of nectar during the period where Maple trees are blooming.