More problems with the hive scale

I noticed the scale was starting to give a few erratic readings back in December, then it seemed to settle down again.  In January, after w e moved it the readings were very erratic, and it’s just been getting worse as the clock runs forward.  I did some research this morning, and the final conclusion is, after being abused for 2 and a half years by being left out exposed to the weather, the electronics in our scale are no longer functioning correctly.  I broke down and ordered a replacement. The scale we’ve been using up to now is the HD-300 from the folks at, so I ordered the same one to replace what we have now.  It’s not an ideal scale, suffers a bit from temperature sensativity, but I dont really want to spend the big bucks it would take to get a temperature compensated unit suitable for outdoor use, so we decided to just go ahead with the ‘devil we know’. At this time of year, the scale data isn’t very interesting, and not terribly useful, but I do want a reliable system running again prior to April 1, which is the date I like to start the year over year comparison graphs if I can.  Hopefully it wont take to long for the new scale to arrive, then we will need a day with some reasonable weather to go out back and put the new one in place of the old one, that’s getting rather erratic these days.